Simrad Steady Steer Flow Switch For Older Rpu Series Pumps.

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Simrad Steadysteer Flow Switch

Model: 000-15734-001
  • Smoother steering
  • Use helm to control autopilot
  • Steer manually through turns — convenient manual override
  • Autopilot engages automatically on straight legs
  • Seamless and intuitive boat control
  • Fuss free autopilot operation for hydraulic steering

With SteadySteer boaters can take immediate, manual control of the vessel through turns without having to disengage the autopilot. Coming out of turns, it automatically reengages the autopilot once a new heading is established.

SteadySteer automatically disengages the autopilot when you turn the vessel manually and then reengages the autopilot when you have established a new heading. No key-presses, no alarms — just turn the helm.

No need to look at a display or push buttons to change course, just point the bow to your destination.

Compatible with NAC-2, NAC-3 (sw version and newer), AP44, IS42, and AP48 (sw version 57.3.163 or newer), Simrad MFDs (sw version 20.2 or newer) Requires AP44, IS42, or AP48 to work with select, older Simrad MFDs

What's in the Box:
  • Steadysteer Flow Switch