Raymarine Ev100 Sailboat Wheel Pilot With P70s Control

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Raymarine EV-100 Wheel Pilot with p70s Control

Model: T70152
  • Rated for wheel-steered sailboats up to 16,500 lbs (7,500kg) displacement
  • Designed for cockpit installations.
  • SeaTalkNG/NMEA2000 for networking with sailing instruments and chartplotters
  • Requires no complicated setup or autopilot calibration.
  • Includes the EV-1 sensor core. An intelligent 9-axis heading sensor that uses aerospace guidance technology to adapt and evolve to changing sea conditions and vessel dynamics

The EV-100 Wheel Pilot is a complete autopilot solution for wheel-steered sailboats. Designed for do-it-yourself installations, the EV-100 Wheel Pilot's externally mounted drive mounts in the cockpit, attached directly to the spokes of the boat's steering wheel. The EV-100 Wheel Pilot delivers precision autopilot control using the intelligent EV-1 sensor core and the ACU-100 actuator control unit. EV-100 Wheel Pilot systems includes a p70s autopilot control head.

What's in the Box:
  • E12093 Wheel Drive
  • E70328 p70s Control
  • E70098 ACU-100
  • E70096 EV1 Sensor Core
  • R70160 Cabling Kit