Raymarine Active Speaker For Ray 63/73/90/91

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Raymarine Active Speaker for Ray63/Ray73/Ray90/Ray91 For RAY 63/73/90/91

Model: A80543

Active remote speaker for use with Ray63/73/90/91 in noisey environments.

5W 1-Way 4-Ohm Black Active VHF Speaker for Ray63/73/90/91 Radio by Raymarine®. Hear every word loud and clear with an active, amplified speaker kit for your Ray 90 or 91 VHF radio. This speaker kit is ideal for high-noise areas like open powerboats, express cruisers, windy flybridges, or even below-decks on loud vessels. The active speaker contains its own on-board audio amplifier and audiophile-grade speaker. Even at its highest volume setting it delivers crystal-clear audio that you’ll be able to hear and understand. The speaker is enclosed in a compact housing that is both rugged and waterproof. Mount it vertically or horizontally in any bulkhead or overhead. The speaker connects directly into the nearest wired or wireless handset base.