Polyplanar Me52 2 Channel Expansion Amplifier

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Polyplanar ME52 2 Channel 50 watt Ex[ansion Amplifier

Model: ME52
  • Accepts line level or speaker level inputs
  • Powers up to 4, 4 Ohm speakers
  • Separate waterproof Volume control (10 ft lead)
  • Use to add additional loudspeakers to a current audio system
  • Use to provide amplification for a separate audio zone
  • Use as a stand-alone system amplifier for any audio source

The ME-52 is a compact 2-channel 50-watt audio amplifier with separate volume control. This unit is designed for adding additional speakers to an existing system or as a separate zone amp. It has a compact, waterproof design that allows for flexible mounting possibilities, and makes it simple to expand the audio system capabilities for any installation.

Speaker impedance 2-8 ohm
Output Power 2ohm load 25W RMS/Channel
Output Power 4ohm load 15W RMS/Channel
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Operating Voltage 13.8V DC (10V-16V)
Idle Current (no signal 10mA
Maximum Current Draw (full power) 7 amps
Remote Wire Current 4mA
Volume control cable length 114 in
Dimensions 4 7/8 in L x 4 3/16 in W x 1 9/16 in H