Humminbird 9-m360-2ddi-y Y-cable For M360 With Helix Hw Transducers

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Humminbird 9-M360-2DDI-Y

Y-Cable For M360 With Helix HW Transducers

Model: 720107-1
  • Combines MEGA 360 Imaging transducer and 7-pin Dual Spectrum/MEGA Imaging+ transducers into one 7-pin transducer plug for connection to the same, compatible HELIX fish finder.
  • For use when connecting a MEGA 360 Imaging transducer to a HELIX fish finder, in conjunction with an external 7-pin HW / MDI+ transducer.
  • This cable should not be use to connect a HELIX fish finder with both MEGA 360 Imaging and Built-In MEGA Imaging on Minn Kota trolling motors. Please refer to #720108-1 14 M360 2DDI Y for this specific rigging need.
  • Is not compatible with Built-in MEGA Imaging transducers on select Minn Kota trolling motors
  • 30"" (76 cm) cable on Dual Sprectrum CHIRP side of cable
  • 10' (3 m) cable on the MEGA 360 side
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

This Y cable allows for the connection a MEGA 360 Imaging transducer and an external 7-pin HW / MDI+ transducer to the same compatible HELIX fish finder.

Current Models HELIX 10, HELIX 12, HELIX 8, HELIX 9
Length Less than 20'
Type Transducer Adapter Cables