Furuno Fi70 4.1"" Display

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Furuno FI70 4"" Data Display

Model: FI70
  • Perfect cosmetic match for NavNet TZtouch/TZtouch2 and NavPilot 711C
  • Clear 4.1"" QVGA screen that is viewable even under direct sunlight
  • Use existing sensors with new anaolog IF-NMEAFI converter
  • Low power consumption (0.15 A max)
  • Simple AIS display through connected CAN bus devices
  • Simple and intuitive graphical user interface allows you to fully customize your display
  • Bonded color LCD ensuring condensation free operation as well as great visibility

The new FI-70 INSTRUMENT/DATA ORGANIZER sports a vibrant 4.1"" bonded color display that is visible even in the harshest sunlight conditions. Utilizing the CAN bus network, external sensors can easily be connected for simple and reliable operation. The FI-70 features an easy to operate graphical user-interface. It allows you to customize almost every display property, allowing you to choose the information you want to be displayed, in the way you want to see it!

No matter if you own a powerboat or a sailboat, the FI-70 INSTRUMENT/DATA ORGANIZER will be equally useful with the proper sensors connected. For maximum performance and simple setup, the FI-70 automatically asks you which type of vessel you have, helping to customize operation of the unit. With its low power consumption and easy installation, it's hard to imagine a vessel where the FI-70 wouldn't be a benefit.

Screen size 4.1"" Color LCD
Screen resolution 320 (V) x 240 (H) pixels (QVGA)
Brigtness Typical 700 cd/m2
Display mode Analog Meter, Graph, Highway, Race Timer, Simple AIS, Data Box
Ports 1 - CAN bus
Input PGNS 059904, 060928, 061184, 126208/720/992/996, 127237/245/250/251/257/258/488/489/493/497/505, 128259/267,129025/026/029/033/038/039/040/283/ 284/285/794/809/810,130306/310/311/312/313/316/ 576/577/816/821/822/825/880/841
Output PGN 059392/904, 060928, 061184, 126208/464/720/ 993/996,130816/821/822/823/825/841
Operation temperature -15 °C to +55 °C
Waterproofing IPX6
Input 15 VDC through CAN bus
Consumption 15 VDC 0.15 A max, LEN3
Dimensions 4.5"" W x 4.5"" H

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  • Display
  • Installation materials
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