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BilgeBuddy Smart Boat Monitoring Device

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The BilgeBuddy is the only proactive monitoring solution on the market. Simply connect the BilgeBuddy device to monitor your boat’s existing bilge system. BilgeBuddy tests your bilge system every day so you can fix failed pumps and floats before your boat is sinking. Rest assured knowing your vessel is where it should be with GPS break-away and theft alerts. Receive high water, low battery voltage, impact damage, freezing alerts, and more. The BilgeBuddy is easy to install and does not require separate expensive sensors!

Connect, Remotely Monitor Your Vessel and Stop Accidents Before They Occur!

The BilgeBuddy boat monitoring solution provides notifications of boat issues so they may be addressed before resulting in emergencies. Simply connect the BilgeBuddy, create a subscription and download the BilgeBuddy app and you will have access to boat monitoring at your fingertips. No expensive additional sensors required! Active paid subscription required.

Benefits of the BilgeBuddy Smart Boat Device

  • Ensure functioning bilge pump before the boat is sinking.
  • Automatically purge high water when auto-float fails.
  • Detect moderate & extreme water levels.
  • Analyze frequency & reason for bilge cycles.
  • Alert of helm switch accidentally left on.
  • Remotely check if enough voltage to start engines and run pumps.
  • Battery discharge & charging trends.
  • Detect alternator & shore power system malfunction.
  • Alert when your boat leaves its home base unexpectedly.
  • Remotely monitor when others use your boat.
  • Cloud backup of trips and usage.
  • Back-up navigation system.
  • Detect impacts with dock.
  • Detect major collisions.
  • Prevent damage during quick freezes.
BilgeBuddy Smart Boat Device Box Contents
Each Bilge Buddy Smart Boat Device Comes with:
  • BilgeBuddy device with integrated wire harness/high water sensor
  • Alcohol wipes (to clean adhesion surface)
  • Adhesive strips & screws (to secure the device to the boat)
  • Heat shrink/solder butt connectors (for splicing)
  • Negative wire ring terminal (to negative plate)
  • Zip ties (wire management)
  • Wire diagrams for automatic pumps & manual+float pumps
  • 2-Year Warranty
Bilge Buddy Smart Boat Device Key Features
  • Easy Installation, No Snaking Wires!
  • Pairs with All Common 12V Bilge Pumps and Floats.
  • Monitor Bilge System Health, High Water, Battery Voltage and Health, Break-Away/Theft, Impacts Damage and Freezing Temperatures.
  • Notifications Let You Fix Problems Before it’s Too Late.
  • Paid Subscription Required.
Bilge Buddy Connections
Bilge Buddy Circle

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This is a great product. Does its job, simple to use.

This is a great product. It does its job, simple to use. The best part is that I don't worry about my boat anymore, and it is way less expensive than the competitors.