B&g Triton2 Speed/depth/wind Package With Wireless Wind With Dst810 And Ws320

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B&G Triton2 Speed / Depth / Wireless Wind Instrument pack

Model: 000-14956-002

Triton2 Speed / Depth / Wireless Wind Instrument pack. Includes Triton2 Instrument Display, DST810 Depth/Speed/Temperature transducer, WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor and a NMEA2000 starter kit.

An Optically Bonded display means absolutely zero condensation or fogging, while transflective LCD technology provides exceptional contrast and visibility — day or night — while consuming less power than traditional backlight-only displays. The flexible, NMEA 2000® certified, Triton2 Display can be integrated into a wider navigation system and also be combined with a Triton2 Pilot keypad and NAC autopilot computer to create a complete autopilot control system, featuring B&G sail-specific autopilot steering algorithms.

What's in the Box:
  • Triton2 Digital Instrument Display
  • WS320 Wireless Receiver Interface Only
  • WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor.
  • DST-810 Depth/Speed/Temp Sensor (Plastic)
  • N2K Backbone Start Kit